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Existing Customer Order Form

Box Size - what type of Box would you like?
(Medium is checked by default but you can select another box size)
Budget Box $32.00 (basics only, no choice)
Small Box $45.50 (suits Couple)
Medium Box $57.50 (suits Small Family)
Large Box $75.00 (suits Large Family)

All boxes contain 20 different varieties (except the Budget Box) including: broccoli, carrots, lettuce, onions, potatoes, pumpkin, tomatoes, apples, bananas, oranges plus seasonal produce such as asparagus and cherry tomatoes.

Please check off items you DO NOT LIKE in your box

Fruit (remember you are selecting types you DO NOT want)

No • Apples Red
No • Apples Green
No • Apricots
No • Avocado
No • Bananas Cavendish
No • Bananas Lady Finger
No • Cherries
No • Grapefruit
No • Grapes
No • Honey Dew Melon
No • Kiwi Fruit
No • Lemons
No • Limes
No • Mangoes
No • Mandarins
No • Nectarines
No • Oranges
No • Passionfruit
No • Pawpaws
No • Peaches
No • Pears
No • Pineapple
No • Plums
No • Rockmelon
No • Strawberries

Vegetables (remember you are selecting types you DO NOT want)

No • Alfalfa
No • Asparagus
No • Beans
No • Beets
No • Broccoli
No • Brussel Sprouts
No • Cabbage
No • Capsicum
No • Carrots
No • Cauliflower
No • Celery
No • Cucumber
No • Eggplant
No • Garlic
No • Ginger
No • Leeks
No • Lettuce-Cos
No • Lettuce-Iceberg
No • Mushrooms
No • Onions
No • Parsnips
No • Potatoes
No • Pumpkin
No • Radish
No • Shallots
No • Silverbeet
No • Snow Peas
No • Squash
No • Sweetcorn
No • Sweetpotato
No • Spinach English
No • Tomato
No • Cherry Tomatoes
No • Zucchini


Healthy Weight Loss Box Healthy Weight Loss Box $46.50

Super Juice Box Super Juice Box $47.50


Free Range Eggs $5.50 doz

Baby Spinach 200gms Baby Spinach $3.50

Beautiful freshly roasted coffee from Cre8ive Coffee
Bean CoffeeGround Coffee

250gm Coffee $12.00500gm Coffee $19.901kg Coffee $32.00

Local Organic Honey - the way nature intended it to be
900gm tub Honey $12.00

Organic Coconut Oil
1L Extra Virgin Coconut Oil $21.00

Slendier Pasta - no fat or carbs or gluten
Angel Hair Pasta $3.70Wok Ready Pasta $3.70Spaghetti $3.70 250gm

Basil $3Coriander $3Mint $3Rosemary $3Thyme $3Parsley $3

Byron Bay Macadamia Muesli
Bircher Style
2kg Bircher Muesli $33.00900gm Bircher Muesli $20.50450gm Bircher Muesli $11.70

2kg Classic Muesli $32.00900gm Classic Muesli $20.00450gm Classic Muesli $10.95

Gluten Free
2kg Gluten Free Muesli $32.00900gm Gluten Free Muesli $19.30450gm Gluten Free Muesli $11.30

Paleo Style
500gm Paleo Muesli $15.60

Ready to Go, Easy Cook Vegies
1kg vacuum pack bags
Roast Vegie Ready to Go Mix $6.60Soup Ready to Go Mix $5.85Winter Steam Ready to Go Mix $9.90Stir Fry Ready to Go Mix $6.90


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