Happy familyWe don’t only deliver healthy fruit and vegetables. We can bring so much more to your door with your fruit and vegie box. Just scroll down to see.

At Fruit and Vegies On The Move, we believe the more we can deliver directly to your door, the less time you have to spend out shopping all over the Gold Coast and the more time you will have to do the things you love to do.

Our range of extras is shown below and you’ll find options for ordering them on the order forms in the menu above.

And don’t forget – you’ll be making even more savings because delivery is free!

Oksana’s Kitchen Sauces

Local made with fresh ingredients

Tomato Sauce 500ml  $6.20
BBQ Sauce 500ml  $6.20
Chilli Sauce 500ml  $6.50
Pasta Sauce 500ml  $6.20
Tomato Salsa 500ml  $5.00

Healthy Honey

Natural, raw and local.

1 litre $12.00


Our Range of Ready to Go, Easy Cook Vegies

Available in 1kg vacuum pack bags

Roast vegie mix

Soup mix

Winter steam mix

Stir fry mix

Byron Bay Macadamia Muesli

Bircher Style
2kg $33.00 | 900gm $20.50 | 450gm 11.70

2kg $32.00 | 900gm $20.00 | 450gm $10.95

Gluten Free
1.5kg $32.00 | 700gm $19.30 | 350gm $11.30

Paleo Style
500gm $15.60


Place your order by 4pm Monday please.



6 x10” wraps $4.00

A nice change from sandwiches!

Farm Fresh Eggs


1 Dozen Free Range $5.50

Baby Spinach


200gm $3.50


per bunch $3.00

Organic Coconut Oil


Banaban brand Coconut Oil in a 1 litre glass jar.

Slendier Pasta

no fat,no carbs, no sugar

Angel Hair, Spaghetti, Wok Ready $ 3.70

Cre8ive Coffee

250gms $12.00

500gms $19.90

1kg $32.00

The more we can deliver for you, the more time you can spend doing things you love.