Organics on the Move is our organic fruit and vegetables produce delivery service.

Organics On The Move Gold Coast websiteWe work directly with organic farms and local wholesalers to obtain our organic produce fresh for delivery, straight to your door.

What’s more, we are the only organic home delivery service actually based on the Queensland Gold Coast.

When you get your organic produce home delivered by Organics on the Move you can be assured you and your family are not being exposed to synthetic chemicals or any GMO products.

We buy locally grown produce as often as possible, taking quality, value, and variety into consideration — only the best for you and your family!

Because of lower operating costs, our prices are very competitive compared to local stores. Plus, all of our organic produce is certified organic. We guarantee to be great value for money.

In general, the produce is with us less than 48 hours. Produce is often delivered fresh from our suppliers on the day we deliver to you. We order only what we need for each delivery day.

The kinds of fruit and vegetables in the produce boxes depends on the season and what has been harvested. Weather has a major effect on fruit and vegetables.

All of the produce in the boxes is 100% certified organic by independent organisations such as Australian Certified Organic, NASAA and Demeter Bio-Dynamic.

The Organics on the Move service is guaranteed. If you’re dissatisfied with any produce, service or delivery, we listen and do what we can to make you happy.

There are no locked-in deliveries, you order when you like (though we work 2 days ahead for your reference) and delivery is FREE.

We source our certified organic produce from United Organics, a certified organic wholesaler and exporter of fresh fruit and vegetables and other grocery lines. They provide an extensive variety of quality fresh certified organic produce and products straight from Australian farms.

United Organics is certified in accordance with the Australian Organic Standard Ver 6.0 and in conformity with the Australian National Standard for Organic and Biodynamic Produce. United Organics has been assessed and certified as meeting the requirement of the Woolworths Quality Assurance (WQA) Standard. They also have a certified food safety plan that is incorporated with Organic and Good Manufacturing Practices to ensure that organic food safety practices are maintained and to also ensure compliance to organic produce status principals and legislative requirements.

The Organics on the Move website contains further information about our organic produce service as well as a wealth of information about organic fruit and vegies. You’ll find we’re as helpful and dependable as with Fruit and Vegies On The Move.